A brief description of some terminologies you may come across on this website.

Glazing bar or spar
This is the horizontal bar/spar (tee shape) that divides the window or door Into sections this bar supports the glass hence glazing bar.

Full spar
This is the vertical spar that further sub divides the window and glass.

Dummy spar
This is the vertical spar that appears to sub divide the window or door but in fact is a dummy and allows the glass to pass over eg:a six pane window or door appears from the front to have six pieces of glass when in fact it only has three hence dummy spar.

Lock mortise
This is the hole or slot we create in the side of the door to hold the lock in place (saves loads of agro) all doors (pairs singles) are supplied with one please note: if ordering two single doors to use as a pair we will automatically only fit one lock mortise unless you tell us otherwise.

This is the part of the window or window itself that fixes to the wall or studding and is usually square edged.

Square edged
As above

This is the opening part of the window usually top hung and hinged to the frame or casement

Stormproof profile
This is the profile that’s machined into the sash and provides the lip that sits over the frame, cladding, or casement to stop weather ingress hence stormproof profile.